BiMBA Course Setting

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MBA education is to educate general talents. BiMBA courses are made up of disciplines such as Decision Making, Strategy, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Business Statistics, Economics, Operation, Leadership.


Global Leadership taught by Prof. John Yang is a featured course in BiMBA. Across historical and world perspectives, by analyzing world enterprise’s strength and weakness, students cultivated and practiced their global perspective and macro mastering ability. Since many students are working in global companies, the class interaction and sharing was the shining point of the course. With resources of Fordham University in USA, Vlerick Business School in Europe, and Peking University in China, BiMBA no doubt ranks No.1 in terms of Globalization among business schools in China.


Organizational Behavior taught by Bruce is another featured course in BiMBA. In the course, students started from knowing themselves to learn organizational behavior. It is the third course in BiMBA. From here, students started to rethink their career choice.

Compared with US top 10 business schools, BiMBA doesn’t have that many electives. But in the last class of many BiMBA courses, professors will further the discussion of the course materials to cover the most current issues. By this way, students can deepen their study by themselves. “The master may teach, but the progress is up to the hard work of the individual.” On top of that, “Business in China” course is set up only for international students.


Xuefei(Michael)  Peng

Written by Xuefei(Michael) Peng