On Great Cultural Revolution


Simply put, during Cultural Revolution, almost the whole country was destroyed, e.g., almost an entire generation of people lost their opportunity of education. Even though the later political leaders gave the persecuted government officials’ family members the opportunity to be later government officials, can doing so make up the history of Great Cultural Revolution? Can doing so present Great Cultural Revolution from happening again? Because almost the whole population of the mainland China was persecuted.


Many people say, “Existence is rationality”. But, whether something exists is a judgment on “True” or “False”; whether something is rational is a judgment on “Good” or “Bad”. These 2 totally different judgments can’t be forced to be equal.


China’s tradition is to smooth over a fault. But, I suggest China build Great Cultural Revolution Monument to prevent the wrong from happening again.


Xuefei(Michael) Peng

Written by Xuefei(Michael) Peng