Job Search


The bottom line of life is to make a living. Only very few people can implement financial freedom, so job search is something most people have to do throughout their lives.


Some search jobs by sending a one-for-all resume; others search jobs by using customized resumes each time. Some search jobs by networking; others search jobs by visiting job fairs. Some even does by cold calling or company visiting; others ask headhunters for help. Whatever methods you use, you have to get the thing done—to get a job.


I hope I can work for my entire life even after retirement and I already get used to do job search all the time. On average, I get one job by sending a few hundred resumes. Internet makes sending resumes easy and some mobile phone apps even allows you to group-send resumes. So, HR people must have been flooded by resumes. How to make your resume stand out is the key to survive in the job search game. Some make their resumes fancy; other make their resume match the job descriptions as possible as they can. Whatever you do, you need to attract the HR people’s eyeballs.


Let us work on our CV right now!


Xuefei(Michael) Peng

Written by Xuefei(Michael) Peng