English-Studying Heat


In China, there is an English-Studying heat all over the country, especially in the first-class cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai. Many English teaching companies come into our sight suddenly. The old ones such as New Oriental School are expanding, while the new ones such as liulishuo.com, langlib.com, and smartstudy.com combined with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data technologies are trying to catch up. Till now, two China’s English teaching companies, New Oriental School and 51Talk have gone public. At least 3 more China’s English teaching companies will go IPO, benefiting from China’s huge population. And I predict that there will be almost equivalent number of Chinese teaching companies go IPO too as the number of foreigners studying Chinese are going up all over the world.


Xuefei(Michael) Peng

Written by Xuefei(Michael) Peng