Sales is the most important part of a business. Without sales, a business can’t even survive because sales is about how a business can make profit. I have ever done jobs such as headhunter, management consultant, BD manager, insurance broker. All of them requires salesmanship. To my understanding, salesmanship includes such characteristics as below:



A salesman needs to like his job and to instill enthusiasm into his job. The slogan “We sell! we sell! we sell!” should be embedded in his mind. So, he can take initiative to move forward either in in case or along his career path.



A salesman needs to know his products and services very well, not just for the sake of his own understanding, but to present them clearly and accurately to customers and clients.



A salesman should like to communicate with people in, such as face to face talk, phone call, email, WeChat, etc. Breaking ice is the fundamental skill a salesman uses almost every day.



A salesman should be very careful in all stages of his job, either when communicating with colleagues or talking with customers or clients. Details determine success or failure.


In job market, we sell ourselves, even worldwide, every day. So, salesmanship is a must have life skill for everyone.


Xuefei(Michael) Peng

Written by Xuefei(Michael) Peng