Losing Weight


I am 176cm tall and my weight is 83 kg. Losing weight has always been one of my life goals. Not just for me, fatness has turned to be a national concern in China. The overweight population is about 100 million nationwide.


TV programs and ads about different ways of losing weight are almost in every TV channel every day. I ever tried 2 of the methods introduced on TV, Shou Shou Bag and Er Jin Tie. The former is to use a bag full of medicine to warm my stomach and the latter is to put medical patch on my feet bottom. Both failed to work effectively on me.


Jogging will hurt my knees because of my heavy weight. So I walk about 20000 steps and go on a diet daily. And I swim weekly. I plan to start to jog after I get lighter. Persistence and self-discipline are the key factors. I am confident that I can lower my weight to 70 kg. Since I put my words here, watch me then.


Add oil!


Xuefei(Michael) Peng

Written by Xuefei(Michael) Peng